Bubble Bobble- Teh Awesome.

I'm currently waiting for the demo of Devil May Cry 4 that was released on the Playstation Store a little while ago to download. Normally I HATE demos with a passion, as I feel so jypped out when I get to the point where it boots me from the game because it's not released or finished yet. Urgh.

However. I'm so excited about the release of DMC4 next month that I feel like I can make an exception. Yet...*sigh*...it takes forever to download 640 MBs on my PS3 apparently...eh....Mac Book Pro he is not. (Yes, my PS3 is a guy. His name is Barton...no relation to the AMD chip, or a character from Gundam Wing....)

So because my house is filled with consoles...I hopped on the Wii in the living room to see what was new on the Virtual Console to waste time.

Bubble Bobble for NES? I have enough points? I MUST DOWNLOAD.

There's something about Bubble Bobble that always makes me happy. The music. The cute dinosaurs spitting bubbles at the annoying whales and ghosts and whatever else. The overly bright colors. The huge amount of challenging levels and its replay factor. Pick a feature.

Either way, it's a great way to cure boredom in my case. Like Tetris, it sucks me into its rules, its features, its world, and keeps me there for awhile.

(Now that I've written this post my PS3 download is only....26% done. =_=......)

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