Flashback 1: Tony Hawk's Proving Ground

(This is a post that was taken out of the notebook I've been using prior to making this blog.)

Time: Sometime after class on Mon....6:00-7:00ish.
Time played: During dinner...maybe...for like 20 minutes.
Game: Tony Hawk's Proving Ground (PS3)

Soo.....over break I took the leap (finally) into next gen games with the PS3. The selection of games...eh....it could be better but Metal Gear Solid 4 and Little Big Planet and Devil May Cry 4 on the horizon pushed me slightly to Sony...but maybe later I'll get a 360.

Anyways...so one of the franchises I'll never get tired of is Tony Hawk from Neversoft/Activision. They always have some new interesting feature to explore, and the storylines are pretty good as well.

One of the new features (since the PS2 games that is) that's interesting is "Nail-The-Trick" and "Nail-The-Grab". Pressing R3+L3 enter a mode where using the left and right analog sticks is essentially simulating the left and right hands you would use on a skateboard for tricks and grabs.

It's innovating, yet at the same time...a bit infuriating because it's different from the fast pace of D-Pad action and combos the rest of the game and previous games have. And although I once skateboard....I can't compare twitching analog sticks to actually grabbing a board. Maybe.

The other feature that I still need to get used to is teh open ended way of skill points and storylines. Before the way you got them was fairly linear. Complete A, and you get skill points, then B will happen and the skill points you get will help.

In this newest game...well...it's slightly annoying when you find out despite you've been playing right and all the goals up to now are easy...yet you still need to do X amount of challenges just so you can buy a skill so you can complete a storyline. It's not like they gave me much warning. Oh well.

One of the things about games I don't enjoy as much anymore...is leveling. I don't have time for epic 40+ hour RPGs anymore, really, I lose interest WAY before the end of the game. So when elements similar appear in franchise I like...it makes me want to play an earlier game. Eh. I'll get used to it eventually.

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