Let me show you my Psycho Powers.- SFII Turbo

OMG. I'm becoming such a Virtual Console addict.

Sonja bought King of Fighters 94 tonight. I was watching her....and not thinking about my concept homework which I was in the process of doing. Nor King of Fighters. No, I was thinking about the REAL king of all fighters= Street Fighter II.

There is nothing wrong about Street Fighter II. It was a groundbreaking video game that introduced the world to the genre of "Fighter". (Yes, I am aware there were earlier games going all the way back to like Data East's Kung-Fu Fighting...but...seriously...this game is Fighter, the start of what we know today as Fighter...).

So, I bought Street Fighter II Turbo (I don't like the remixed-ness of Super Street Fighter II, yet playing as M. Bison and the other "boss" characters is the plus to Turbo over the original... yay. ) on the Virtual Console. I love playing it. Yup.

I can sit and play it all day. We all can. It's addicting apparently, as I watched JP play after he had succeeded in kicking my butt at 4:30 in the morning. He kept on losing to M. Bison. And well...we all want to beat M. Bison, so he kept on playing for another...ehhhh...hour until he beat it. Yay. I would have done that too....if I weren't so tired....

I play Street Fighter better when I'm not tired. End of story. Yay. Good night. = )

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