Flashback 8: Wolf Quest

Time: Like...3 or 4 am...I think....

Independent, governmental funded games are ALWAYS so much fun. Me and my roomies and friends have found a game called Wolf Quest that was a free download. Essentially, it's a game developed by a zoo and like the national whatever to teach about the life of a wolf.

It's a game still in development that is going to be released in "episodes" that will advance the game further and add more features. Right now in single player mode all you can do is "find a mate".

We were playing multiplayer online this particular night. You get to be a wolf pack with your buddies and hunt Elk! And watch the online mode glitch the hell out!!

Yeah, the general rule for games that have "episodes", are "in development", and aren't developed by a major studio.....more glitches than Second Life (Specifically, the Mac client, blurgh), Tony Hawk (ever played an online game where you specifically tromp about the level finding developer's glitches? I had so much fun back in the day with that on PS2!) put together.

So we spent half the time hunting elk....and the other part trying to hunt elk while the framerates went to hell and the camera made normal movement impossibly hard. LOL LOL LOL H4X0R3D! >P

We had a good time at it though.

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