Flashback 7: God of War

Time: 4:00 am-5-ish (ISH)

Clearly God of War was designed to be a guy's game. Blood, gore, what woman would play this??

Well, I am. I like an occasional bloodfest, and well, you can't get much better than this, can you?

I just started playing and I've already found one area that I find a bit..well...tasteless. When you well...screw with these women before you go and start another area, and screwing them...produces red orbs (XP).

Man. A game that has a representation of sex in it. (Offscreen, sure, but still.) Oy. BUT GODDAMMIT, THERE'S THE POTENTIAL FOR INFINITE XP IF I'M PATIENT ENOUGH! URGH!

Sooo...I screwed women until I had the chance to upgrade my weapon. Damn. =_=

Yeah, it's no wonder this game got an M Rating. It's no wonder games like this made my homestate (Washington State), implement a law where you have to be 18, not 17 to buy M games and you get ID carded. Simulated porn and R-rated things demand it according to most of sane society. ( and myself.)

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