The Lion King


Time: 4 Am ish.

My childhood was happy. It was full of playtime, dreams of working for Disney on movies like what got me inspired to be an animator- The Lion King.

(Yes yes....if we had a dollar for every kid who was "inspired" by The Lion King in some artish way, SOMEBODY out there would be very rich right about now...)

Also, my childhood was of course filled with video games! In particular, thanks to a certain spiny blue hedgehog, I'm proud to say that I was a Sega Kid in the 90's. Long live the Genesis!

(despite yeah, it was inferior to the SNES in graphics and especially sound- I just hink about two things- A) BLAST PROCESSING! *Lol*B) Games like Mortal Kombat I and II that had more fighting awesomness than their SNES counterparts. Street Fighter II need not apply in this situation though- of course that is King. >_> )

I don't have my Genesis here, but through the power of emulation I can play all the games I played as a kid. Like, breaching on where I began. The Lion King the game, for Genesis. Great stuff. It's a fun platformer to play. It even has a degree of difficulty to it= darn you monkeys! If I had an actually game controller, I wouldn't keep on falling off the giraffes into the water!!

(yeah....thus the reason I bought a PSX to USB controller from Radio Shack, to solve my control problems on my computer....but my room swallowed it in it's weird arse mess. Yup. )

Platformers that are still fun to play 13-14 years after the fact= Yay, <3 heart!

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