Flashback 6: The Eye of Judgement

-Multiple times over the weekend of 1/12 and 1/13

Not only do I play Magic, but I'm starting to learn another CCG. It's called the Eye of Judgement, for the PS3. It's another good reason I bought a PS3 aside from Devil May Cry 4, blah blah blah (>_>)

Anyways...I'm really enjoying this game. At its core the main objection is for one player to control the majority (5 fields) of a 9-grid field. Much like another game you may have heard of and I enjoyed way back when- Triple Triad from Final Fantasy 8.

This game takes it up a notch from that game. The Eye of Judgement has people from Wizards of the Coast working on the card gameplay...there are a lot of Magic-Like elements. There's Mana (Ya know- in Magic= Island, Mountain, Swamp, Forest, Plains?). There's monsters with HP/Attack Power points. There's spells which affect overall gameplay. There's elements which can give bonuses and penalties.

So in order to take control of 5 fields, I've found you have to fight tooth and claw to get there. I'm still pretty new at the game so I'm still pretty horrible at strategy in this game. Working on it.

Oh, and I forgot about the most crazy part of this game! Ya see, you have physical cards (and of course, like all CCGs, there is potential for expansion wit boosters and theme decks) to use. How? Each card is read by the PS3's Eye camera. I like having physical cards to hold and interact with, mixing them with CG effects and a game system that takes all the calculations and numbers for you...yay for the slightly math-rusty. >_>

Sure, there are a couple of glitches (card reading errors, lighting enough for the lo-res Eye camera to see your cards, etc), but what new-ish technology doesn't? It's so far a great idea and game, and I haven't even built a deck or played online. I'll write more later probably.

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