Yet again Tony Hawk-ing.


Time: Dunno...dont' wanna look at a clock.

I am such a fan of huge world to explore. I've played through Tony Hawk's Proving Ground one way, getting one set of options and paths to go depending if my character is one of three classes- "Rigger", "Hardcore", or "Career". Or you could be absolutely generic if you try pretty damn hard to keep your stats even- with storylines its hard not to drift into a specific story and uneven your stats.

But yeah. My first character I made was heavily on the "Hardcore" track with some "Career" tossed in.

The next one I have is more a "Rigger" than anything else.

Neversoft did a god job in making your character feel like it's a specific person, type. The best example I can think of this was when I was in "Create-A-Skater" mode, editing my character's info, clothing, board, and appearance.

My Hardcore-slanted characters stood there with his arms crossed. He would subtly motion with his body and arms his approval when things were changed.

My Rigger character, however, bounces about while waiting for me to do something. He smiles his approval and every now and then throws his arms out as if to say "Alright, awesome!" when things are changed.

Mmm. Characterization in games I love. It takes you into the game, the story. Gives you a reason to play, or at least me one. To see what he'll do next. Mmm.

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