Flashback 5: Magic the Gathering


Time: Like....2:00am-4:00am. >_>

Ahh, the first Magic the Gathering game of the new year and new semester. Oh, joyful.

It was team magic, as it was with my two roommates (JP and Sonja of course) and Sonja's brother who is visiting from California.

Anyways, it was awesome. Except while I enjoy Magic, I lack the awesome cards to make really powerful decks. I was never rich as a kid so I am not one of those who have thousands of cards. Hundreds, yes, thousands, no.

Not that it's essential, as you could always buy singles on the internet or comic book shop to make your deck and skip the thrill of boosters, but it helps if you want to actually collect the cards. It's fun.

One on One: All my decks have weak points= CREATURES.

Team: So long as I have a partner who has muscle...Blue (Island) and/or Red (Mountain) are fun to play as I can burn them with Mountain spells and control all they do with Blue. But still creatures, especially in my decks...aren't good.

I still have a lot to learn about the game. I enjoy it though. Mainly because of the social aspects of the game. The conversations that occur during gameplay are awesome, trust me on that one!

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