Welcome to the Blog of Games.

Yo, this is M. Almeida's blog, Game Journal thing for Games and Society....welcome.

Any post before this one, was made in a traditional notebook since the beginning of the semester. I decided, for lack of confusion, to put them in individual "Flashback" posts unless I wrote them today or the 28th. The dates are noted otherwise when the post was originally written.

Hope ya get something outta reading it...I'm gonna have fun maintaining a blog of gaming awesomeness. Hopefully they'll be some cool insights that will come up, but it'll also be interesting to have a log of how I function as a gamer.

And I got to make a Blogger template from Phoenix Wright, w00t! (Phoenix Wright=A DS game where you're an attorney...but the story is typical Capcom anime absurdness. Sonja and JP are also fans of this game, perhaps they've told about it.)

Anyways, see ya around. =)

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