Flashback 4: Atari 2600 Days.

Time: 10:00 pm to 10:45 pm (ish)

JP is in his room playing Team Fortress 2. Oh, the wonders of Valve.

However...shooters anger me...very much so. up.


There is something soothing however, about hearing the ancient pings and pongs, beep-boops of Breakout. I've been playing it for eh, 45 minutes or so (somewhat) now on one of those "Atari Flashback" systems (AKA a 2600/7800 on a chip consoles produced within the past 5 years or so-it was a christmas gift).

I swear I'm still not tired of this incredibly simple game. Somehow. o_o

So I guess...long live the simplicity games were on the 2600, I'm gonna keep on watching the orange block break the Technicolor rainbow of Breakout.

(Part of me dares Atari to put ET on one of their future one of these things....I wonder how many would buy it JUST to say they've actually played the so-called "worst video game ever". I would. Playing Atari with a joystick is MUCH more fun than emulation. =P)

Note: It was 11:15 when I finally stopped playing Breakout. But it seemed longer than that. Ya Rly. =P


So, how about another game? Battlezone? Well, I can kill ONE OF THE TANKS. NOT THE OTHER. Where's the freakin dodge button??? Why does it only take one hit to kill me? That's some pretty weak armor plating...



So how about Yars' Revenge??? yay!

They managed to make this game hard too, jeez. And all the pulsating colors MAKE MY BRAIN HURT. Obviously in 1981 no one had pinpointed epilepsy (or however you spell it) to videogames. OW. >_<

But I finally beat the first screen today. 2600, simple games, make me appreciate beating levels.

Now. Level 2. Ugh.


And as a final-ish note concerning the 2600: Warlords= Breakout on castle self-destroying steroid rampages, to put it bluntly. Blue CPU is apparently unbeatable if the players die and he doesn't. 4 games in a row he won. I watched. I can't say blue is a bad color though.

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