Oh man, I <3 Second Life

So with my new computer (A Falcon Northwest FragBox..) , I finally can get access to a non buggy client of Second life (Seriously, the Mac Client STILL needs tweaks...blurgh and crashy).

Normally I find nothing worthwhile.

But hey, I found something out new today! Game developer types hang out on Second Life! On the Ahern Welcome Area, there were three people (one of them was Australian, the other two sounded American) chatting about various game developing stuff...from issues with Second Life to the advantages of using Linux vs Vista (gag), to whatever their company is doing today.

It was great to listen to. I don't have a mic to join in with all the fun, but it's great to listen to even if a quarter of it was halfway floating over my head...

It also makes me excited for next month. Hopefully I'll get to go to the Linden Lab session at ION...dunno if they'll have a booth or something liek that there. Hmm.

Anyways, just thought I'd blog about something GREAT I actually found on Second Life. FOR ONCE. >_>