The same thing we do every night...try to take over the world!

Yeah...I've been busy with CA-ness...ohhh...midterms coming up too. Hmm.

But, I have been twiddling with one game, called Freeciv. As its name reflects, it's a free, open source game which is essentially, a clone of the popular game Civilization. It appears to be based upon my favorite incarnation of Civilization, Civilization II.

(A screenshot from the latest game I have going on...nothing too important, I'm currently working on building things to increase my cities efficiency...like roads connecting my cities to of course, increase the number of moves my troops/workers have while within my nation's boundaries....like Civilization...)

The difficulty level I've been playing at appears to be harder than Civ II though...I thought I was really good at these sorts of games, as on Civ II I could just casually play and pillage through the world until I literally had destroyed every single other civilization out there. Buahahaha.

However, in Freeciv..I have yet to win a single game, and either I've just barely hung on, or somehow I haven't kept research up and I end up overpowered by every other nation out there. Hmm.

So therefore I must figure out how to maximize my cities' efficiency, while maintaining my troop level and keep research and technology going?? And maintain diplomatic affairs with other nations???

Jeez. Now I can see why militarism is so attractive to some nations. It's by far, at least on first glance..the easiest approach. Defeat all your enemies, and you will have nothing to worry about?

(However, thank god that by this point in society, all the nuclear weapons around would make another world war...pretty damn short. Press a button, and there goes a city, a nation, a continent. Not the most pretty and noble ways to fight a war but certainly effective.)

But yeah. Apparently I'm really enjoying this game for all the possible scenarios you could run through by running your civilization one way or another. >_> I like being sucked into a game scenario where I can potentially rule the world...or at least a small portion of it. Buahahahah.

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