Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney

So...last night I finally finished my latest DS game, Apollo Justice. It's another terrific addition to the Ace Attorney lineup of DS games, indeed. New characters, a few new quirks to the world, better graphics because this series was designed for the DS (Phoenix Wright=ported and improved slightly from GBA games released earlier in Japan), and a great storyline.

This is one of those wonderful detective stories you mentioned. The best thing this game does is let the player investigate and solve a story with neat little tools and evidence and dialog...yay. At least, that's why I love it.

I also like it because of the well...community. There are sites like Court-Records which are just a mass gathering of Phoenix Wright fans. I know a lot of people at Ringling who love the series in some way. And man, look what this game made me do!!

One of the best options for community and fandom= fan art. And fan fiction. And sprite edits. It's not often that I do fan art...but...I know I have a good game when I want to do something based from a video game.

(Either that or I was incredibly tired= I blame SitStand.)

Oh, and I also played more Brawl. Mmm. Smash. I'm getting better at it so I'm starting to enjoy it a bit more. A bit. I would enjoy it more if I wasn't against people who know the ins and outs of Smash and use the level editor to make wonky, non-beginner friendly arenas. >_<

But er....I'm out of DS games to play now. I haven't had time to play PS3 lately because of my animations. But that's okay, because this is the last post required for the blog, ne? I'll probably keep on using this though, so if you want to stick around every now and then, you're more than welcome to. Like in May, I have a volunteer op at a game conference in Seattle coming up, so I can post the insights I find at the conference here...probably...maybe....most likely. =D !!!


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